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The reason why I like Tailwind CSS

The reason why I like Tailwind CSS

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Damar Paramartha
·Aug 11, 2022·
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I don't have to name classes

There is a thing called decision fatigue and it's haunted my brain making them blank if I used it too much for naming CSS classes.

I write styles fast

It really made me write styles fast. Everything that I need is just there. Even if I want to put something that was not there, I just use the just-in-time or JIT mode.


If you had a team that specialized in the design system, I think this would not be a problem since there is a standard of how you should style your component.

VSCode Extension

I don't have to remember all of the Tailwind syntaxes. I can write 2-4 letters and press control + space and there was autocomplete.

Why I think people don't want to use

At first, I thought I will ship large CSS files but it purges the style that you don't use, maybe someone has this thought too.

I admit it, Tailwind is not for advanced CSS developers. But still, it serves developers the common pattern of using vanilla CSS. And it's not a black and white choice, you can still use vanilla CSS with Tailwind CSS.

I don't like it when...

If I came back to a project with Tailwind, it takes some time for me to adjust to the workflow of not having neat code. Often I get overwhelmed by looking at the files with long string lines in my editor.

Okay, I think this is enough reason why you should try it. I put a lot of keywords for you to search too. By the way, the Documentation is awesome too.

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